Let me start by tackling the biggest misunderstanding about my work. Yes, the models are naked yet the photographs are not meant to be erotic. But of course, feel free to consider them to be just that. Now we got that out of the way, we can talk about the true intention of my work. The "intrinsic value" of the image.

The content of a work of art should not originate from the subject which is depicted. I find the essence of the image to be the form in itself. That also explains my choice for nude models. The human body is the ultimate form, but only when it is naked. Attributes like clothes or jewellery divert from the essence of the image because of their own reference.

Since 2007 I have been exploring the theme of the intrinsic value further and deeper. Resulting in several sub-series each scrutinizing this point of view from a different perspective. My latest work is a series based on the composition of a small trompe l'oeil by Dutch 17th century-painter Samuel van Hoogstraten. I translated his still life "Feigned Letter Rack with Writing Implements" into a series of nudes who are captured in the composition.